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Fall '99 Game Descriptions

It was a glorious day...sunny, perfectly manicured grass, with the sewage smell mercifully blowing just Northeast of Kantor field. Thunder was eager to face the mighty Scarsdale, who demolished their opponents 7-1 the previous week. The game was almost lost before it began, but then the Ull girls provided a roster form, and Thunder was allowed to play. Despite having only a few practices together as a team (Scarsdale had many), the teams were evenly matched. Thunder took the lead on score by Gabe Ferrari, who jumped to punch in a bouncing pass from Max Stossel. Brendon Cook and Nick Selz played awesome defense, but speedy Scarsdale players nevertheless managed to tie the score, and then take and hold a lead. Thunder looks forward to a rematch, after these strong athletes have had a little more practice at working together.

The Manhattan Thunder attacked both the field on Randall's Island and the Eastchester Explosion on a beautiful and sunny October afternoon. The Thunder wanted no repeat of last spring's only defeat in the first game against Eastchester, and they didn't have to wait long to find out. After many close chances in front of the Eastchester goal, Gabe Ferrari connected in the first half after a furious run up the right side. The Thunder continued to apply intense pressure on Eastchester including a shot saved only by the crossbar, but the half ended 1-0. In the second half, Max Stossel drilled home a shot after four consecutive shots on goal by several different Thunder players. Play heated up in the second half with some rough play, including a yellow card issued to one of the Eastchester players after a trip from behind. However, the Thunder defense and midfield were not about to give up any easy goals, making one spectacular play after another. The game finally ended with the score 2-0 for the Thunder, and high fives all over the field. The Thunder look forward to next week's tournament in Mamaroneck

Columbus Day tournament 10/10
The Manhattan Thunder had a spectacular day at the Mamaroneck Tournament in the U11 Boys division. They were not scored on for the first 148 minutes of play through 6 games, they amassed a total of 15 goals scored compared to only one given up, and they finished the day with a 5-1 record after playing in the final. A total of eight players scored goals, or more than half the team, while the defense put on a clinic for opposing teams to watch. Quite a turnaround for the team, which was 1-3 in games played prior to the tournament.

Game 1: The Thunder played the other Manhattan Soccer Club team, the Extreme, in the first game, at the early hour of 8:45 am. The first half saw a goal by Gabe Ferrari on a pass from Scott Lexton. Then it was Scott's turn to score, with an assist from Max Stossel. In the second half, Matt Burlant's score at the buzzer was ruled too late by the referee.
Score: 2-0.

Game 2: Game 2 saw the Thunder in a thrilling defensive match with the team from Auburndale in Queens. Max Stossel scored the only goal of the game on a rebound from the goalie. Auburndale received a yellow card for tripping from behind, while Stephan Youdeem received one for an unfortunate collision with the goalie. This was a very tough game, the best played by the Thunder all fall so far.
Score: 1-0.

Game 3: The victim this time was the Chappaqua Knights. Stefan Youdeem and Gabe Ferrari both scored twice. Max Stossel froze the goalie with a stutter step in his face, and kicked it in. Byron Walker came up from midfield and scored a goal on a pass from Stuart Tishman.
Score: 6-0.

Game 4: With Coach Brian Riesenberger pushing the team not to be overconfident, the Thunder took on the Weston, Ct. Panthers immediately after game 3. Gabe, Stuart, and Stefan all scored, and Byron Walker made a terrific save as keeper on a breakaway that got past all the defenders.
Score: 3-0.

Semi-finals: Four wins put the Thunder in the semis against the Pelham Cobras. The first half was played entirely in the Cobras half of the field, but with no goals. In the second half, Gabe scored a beautiful goal by letting the ball simply roll into the goal past the beaten keeper, after Gustave Macheras turned the ball in midfield. Then it was Adriano Taylor-Escribino's turn on a perfect cross from Stephan. Gustave scored on a hard shot to the upper part of the net after a passing-fest up the field.
Score: 3-0.

Final: The final was a rematch of game 2's opponent from Auburndale. The Thunder let down a bit, after five terrific games, but still there was no score in the first half. The game almost ended in a scoreless tie, but with 2 minutes to go, the referee awarded the Auburndale greens a penalty shot on a questionable call. Byron blocked the kick, but a hard charging player kicked in the rebound.
Score: 0-1.

It was a heartbreaking finish to a nearly perfect day, but the Thunder really came together as a team on the wet, muddy, and goose-doo covered fields. The defense of Byron Walker and Nick Selz in goal, and Brendan Cook, Peter Arnaboldi, Philip Yates, and Colin Smith plus Nick as fullbacks just would not let the ball get through. Danny Chaffetz, Scott, Gustave, Adriano, Stuart, and Byron churned up the midfield and controlled the ball. Forwards Matt, Gabe, Max, and Stephan terrorized opposing goalies all day. The Thunder look forward to the rest of the season, with the clear confidence that comes from playing hard as a team. Congratulations to coach Brian Riesenberger, who narrowly avoided a total dunking, and assistant coaches Steve Tishman, Rick Stossel, and Craig Walker.

What a day! No methane smell, and the game starts on time! Must be a dream.

A slow beginning. The Thunder coach screams everyone's "flat" Opposing coach noisily screams "Get up there, Eli!" 200 times. Then Gabe Ferrari escapes down the right. Coach screams "pass." Gabe doesn't. 3 New Rochellians converge on him and take the ball away. Two minutes later, Gabe Ferrari escapes down the right. Coach and 6 parents scream"pass" He doesn't. 3 New Rochellians take the ball away. Two minutes later, Gabe Ferrari escapes down the right. Coach and 11 parents scream "pass" He doesn't. But he outruns all the New Rochellians and scores! Later in the half, Gabe does pass to Adriano Taylor-Escribino, who scores...but the ref doesn't see it go in! Oh, well.

2nd Half: A fine New Rochelle goalie fends off shots until Danny Chaffetz heads it (one of many fine Chaffetz headers, accompanied by his mother's cringing) to Scott Lexton who passes to Max Stossel who flips it to Stephan Youdeem who left foots it to Gabe, who scores. Looks like real soccer! Then Max passes to Matt Berlant, who scores...but it's offside. Two minutes later, they do it again, and Matt scores. Gabe makes it 4-0...for a hat trick, wherever that expression comes from.

No New Rochellian scored, thanks to fine defensive work by among others: Nick Selz, Phillip Yates, and Gustav Macheras. In post-game meeting, coach singles out two players for fine play: Brendon Cook and Max Stossel. This writer has no clue what it was they did (coach says something about "being in the right place" and "releasing the ball at
the right time") proving the writer knows nothing about soccer.

But it is lots of fun to watch.

It was a cold and blustery day, just like in Winnie the Pooh, when the Manhattan Thunder took on the Rye Rampage at Kantor field. Rye was #2 in the standings, and loomed large in the minds of the Thunder team, especially since they were shorthanded, with three team members absent. The day featured bravura performances by all the Thunders, who really "sucked it up" with almost no chance for rest. The entire defense played the whole game, and several of them had season-best games, including Byron Walker in goal, Brendan Cook at sweeper, and Philip Yates and Nick Selz at fullbacks. The only scoring in the first half was by Peter Arnaboldi, who blasted a penalty kick into the right hand corner of the net after faking left. Gabe Ferrari was tripped in the box, to cause the opportunity. Later in the half, Byron Walker made a beautiful save, one of many in the game, on a very hard direct shot, getting a little assistance from the post when the Rye player missed the rebound.

In the second half, the crossbar made the first big save for the Thunder, but Rye finally scored on a direct free kick from 30 yards out. Max Stossel then kicked in a winner after a great throw-in by Danny Chaffetz, who was on fire for the whole game. The next Thunder goal was a classic: Stuart Tishman to Danny, who lofted a beautiful pass to Gabe, who ran solo up the right side and hit the upper left corner of the net. The final goal came on play started by Colin Smith, with a header from Danny, which would have rolled into the goal, but Max added a finishing kick just to make sure. Matt Burlant and Adriano Taylor-Escribino were indefatigable up front the whole game. It was a tremendous team effort all afternoon. The Thunder look forward to returning to the top of the order next week and replaying the only teams who beat them. Final score: Thunder 4, Rampage 1.

Twas a hard-fought game ending in a 0-0 tie.

In the first half, Thunder showed great ball control, with Stuart Tishman repeatedly carrying the ball through heavy traffic. Stephan Youdeem amazed this writer by passing backward around the goal, but a tight White Plains defense kept shots out. Thunder dominated the second half as well. Peter Arnaboldi, Brendan Cook, Gustave Macheras, Nick Selz, Colin Smith and Phillip Yates played such fine defense, there were hardly any shots on Thunder's goal. Goalie Walker got so eager for action he chased a ball far enough to earn a: "Byron where are you going?...Byron where the HELL ARE you going??" from the coach.

The game was marred by odd atmospheric conditions that seemed to cause the ref to not see much, and distorted Thunder players' depth perception so much (or made them think they were taller than they were) so that they kept running under balls after throw-in and punts. But coach said they played well, except for "holding onto the ball to long..." and the "ball just didn't bounce our way."

>Thunder looks forward to a big game against division leader Scarsdale next week.

It is always the Sharks. The Scarsdale Sharks are always in the way of MSC teams trying to claim soccer supremacy. The Manhattan Thunder took the field in Scarsdale on Marathon Sunday determined to avenge their loss early in the season. On a brilliantly sunny and cold day, the referee played as important a role as any of the players. Early in the first half, he signaled a hand ball in the Thunder box, although no one else saw the infraction. Scarsdale immediately converted the penalty kick, for a 1-0 lead. Not long after, Scarsdale tripped Stephan Youdeem in their box, and Peter Arnaboldi evened the score with his penalty kick. After the first questionable call, the referee felt obliged to continue by calling penalty after penalty against both sides. The second half saw the Thunder put intense pressure on the Sharks, with a number of near misses. Most of the game was played in the middle of the field, with strong defenses by both teams. Peter Arnaboldi, Byron Walker in goal, Brendan Cook and Gustave Macheras were on fire all day. The middies continually fought for control with an equally determined Scarsdale midfield. Just before the final whistle, Scott Lexton blocked a dangerous shot that could have sent the Thunder home empty-handed. In the end, the 1-1 final score seemed to sum up the day. Both teams played very well, and defense was paramount. It was only the second time Scarsdale gave up a point to anyone all season.

After two weeks in a row of ties, the Manhattan Thunder wanted a different result. Before the game, the team seemed unfocused, and not ready to take on the Eastchester Explosion on the huge field at Bronxville High School, which was ten yards wider than a football field, and every bit as long. However, the action started fast.

Max Stossel scored early in the first half on a bouncing ball that got past the onrushing Explosion goalie. Stephan Youdeem got the assist. It looked like a long afternoon was in store for the home team, with Danny Chaffetz, Scott Lexton and Byron Walker owning the midfield. Byron had his best game of the season out of the goal, and only one day out of his sick bed. We could use some more of those 25 yard throw-ins, too. Unfortunately, the Thunder strikers were called offside at least eight times in the first half alone.

In the second half, Stephan scored after a restart when he was tripped. Moments later, there was a trip in the Thunder box, and Eastchester blasted in the penalty kick. Soon after, the Thunder had their penalty chance when Scott was tripped and injured in front of the goal. The Eastchester keeper saved the shot and the subsequent three rebound kicks. After yet more very physical play in the middle, Stephan scored again off a Byron corner kick by way of Gabe Ferrari and Max.

As always, the Thunder defense held strong, with Nick Selz turning in a fine game in goal. Final score: 3-1 for the Thunder.

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